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Hampshire Junior and Senior Open, Portsmouth

Hampshire Junior and Senior Open, Portsmouth

Fifteen Moberly Judo Club members took part in the Hampshire Junior and Senior Open at Mountbatten Leisure Centre in Portsmouth. The junior event was split further into the u10, u12 and u16 sections. The team returned home with an impressive 10 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes.

In the u34k (u12) John Jayne was again in sparkling form. His left sided o-goshi proved too much for his opponents, winning his four contests by ippon. Jordan Calver-Moise won the u38k (u10) with a very timely tai-otoshi. In the u38k (u12) Ross McCarthy's superior newaza saw him win his three contests on his way to the final, where he unleashed a ferocious seoi-nage to take the gold. Lamar Joseph suffered a loss early on but battled back to secure a bronze.

Brandon Banton and Tyrell Clarke-Harewood both fought in the u42k categories, u12 and u16 groups respectively. Both displayed great energy and fighting spirit on their way to taking the golds.

Kyle Clarke-Harewood and Ramone Alexander (u16) were next up in the u46k. Kyle won his pool comfortably, but Ramone suffered a loss in the pools and therefore he and Kyle faced each other in the semi-final. After a tough battle Kyle won with a seoi-nage for waza-ari, which meant Ramone had to settle for the bronze. However in the final, Kyle was defeated in golden score and had to settle for silver.

Aaron Turner made his first appearance in the u50k category, and was too sharp for his opponents winning the gold with his lightening fast tai-otoshi and seoi-nage. Petar Gemovic won a bronze in the u55k, with another battling performance, and David Logan made extremely short work of his three opponents with more scintillating te-guruma's in the u66k category.

Dominique Ellis won another gold in the u63k, with another composed performance. Her superior grip fighting and constant pressure was too much for her opponents. Ella Carter-Allen was awarded gold in the u70k category. She then took part in the o78k with Siobhan Lawrence. Having disposed of the other opponents in the group with skillfully timed counter techniques, the two faced each other. In a close battle, a penalty in golden score for Ella saw the fight awarded to Siobhan.

Finally Kelly Alexander won a silver in the u63k Senior Women's section. In a final pool of five, Kelly endured 4 hard fought contests, eventually losing out on the gold by virtue of 5 points.


10 years old and under

GOLD u38kg Jordan Calver-Moise

12 years old and under

GOLD u34kg John Jayne
GOLD u38kg Ross McCarthy
GOLD u42kg Brandon Banton
BRONZE u38kg Lamar Joseph

Under 16 years old on the day

GOLD u42kg Tyrell Clarke-Hareword
GOLD u50kg Aaron Turner
GOLD u63kg Dominique Ellis
GOLD u66kg David Logan
GOLD u70kg Ella Carter-Allen
GOLD o78kg Siobhan Lawrence
SILVER u46kg Kyle Clarke-Harewood
SILVER u63kg Kelly Alexander
BRONZE u46kg Ramon Alexander
BRONZE u55kg Petar Gemovic

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