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Kent Junior/Youth International Championships,
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London

Kent Junior/Youth International Championships,
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London

Fourteen Moberly Judo Club members took part in the Kent International Championships at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. The event had around 600 competitors split into three categories, red and yellow belts, orange and green belts and blue and brown belts.

In the first section Lamar Joseph produced a great performance to win a bronze in the u38k category (under 12 years). However Dominick Mathurin competing in the u38k (over 12 years) unfortunately sustained an injury to his wrist and will be out for up to 3 months.

John Jayne was next up in the second section, taking gold in the u34k section. He made very short work of his four opponents with his very well executed kata-guruma techniques. Ross McCarthy in the u38k category was also in great form and won his four contests displaying his own seoi-nage variations in winning the Gold. Reece Morgan was making only his second appearance in this heavier group and was unlucky to lose his first contest after being a yuko up. He lost his repercharge contest against his heavier opponent. Tyrell Clarke-Harewood was another to move up into a heavier category in the u42k category. After a losing his first contest on a shido, he won his next three contests to compete in the bronze medal final. But just as the contest ended, Tyrell was penalised for pushing and received a shido, ending the day in 5th place.

Kyle Clarke-Harewood , won the u46k category displaying his outstanding range of throwing abilities. This performance was indicative of his growing confidence. Brandon Banton was also competing in this category. Although he lost his two contests he gained invaluable experience. Rennell Rutty was the last to compete in this section in the u73k. Although giving away a lot of weight, his speed and determination were enough to secure the victories to win the gold.

In the third section, Adam Conroy was first up in the u50k category. In his typical battling fashion, he won through to the semi-final but was defeated by a very dubious referee's decision at the end of the contest. He went on to win the bronze against his Dutch opponent, scoring two yukos and a koka.

Isaac Carter-Allen in the u55k showed superior grip fighting on his way to claiming a bronze. He was another to suffer the indignity of a poor refereeing decision in his quarter final contest. He secured his bronze with a well-executed seoi-nage variation for waza-ari.

David Logan in the u66k was in devastating form displaying his exceptional te-guruma techniques. However, in his semi-final what appeared to be a straightforward counter of an uchi-mata, was somehow interpreted by the referees as David's opponent's score, much to the surprise of the crowd. David then went on to claim his bronze with another superb counter.

Dominique Ellis in the u63k won through to her semi-final with a great seoi-nage and uchi-mata. She was held down in her semi, but came back to pin her bronze medal contest for a koka to take the bronze. Ella Carter-Allen , was Moberly's final competitor in the combined u70/o70k category. She managed to win the bronze after a semi-final loss, with an osoto-gari for ippon.


Group A Novice to 6th Mon

BRONZE -38 kg Lamar Joseph

Group B 7th to 12th Mon

GOLD -34 kg John Jayne
GOLD -38 kg Ross McCarthy
GOLD -46 kg Kyle Clarke-Harewood
GOLD -73 kg Renell Rutty
5th -42 kg Tyrell Clarke-Harewood

Group C 13th to 18th Mon

BRONZE -50 kg Adam Conroy
BRONZE -55 kg Isaac Carter-Allen
BRONZE -66 kg David Logan
BRONZE -63 kg Dominique Ellis
BRONZE -70/+70 kg Ella Carter-Allen

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