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Montenegro Super Fight 2006


We now have photos from our trip to Montenegro last April.


Sinead Rothwell u48 junior
Kelly Alexander u63 junior
Archie Mensah u66 senior
Petar Vlahovic u34

Kelly Alexander u63 senior
Petar Vlahovic u43

Four members were invited to take part in the Montenegro Super Fight 2006, in Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro, last weekend. Sinead Rothwell, Kelly Alexander, Petar Vlahovic, and Archibald Mensah, were part of a very special event in which many different martial arts were showcased in the Moraca Sports Centre.

The trip was sponsored by the Montenegro Judo Union and the Moberly players took part in specially arranged contests with Montegro's finest judoka. The 2,000 strong arena witnessed some truly scintillating contests, none more so than when the Moberly players took on the representatives of the home team!!

In an atmosphere that at times seemed a little hostile Sinead defeated the u48k junior champion to take gold, much to the annoyance of the home crowd. Sinead secured an osae-komi after controlling her very aggressive opponent with her superior grip fighting techniques.

The home crowd were, however, in good cheer when the u63k senior champion defeated Kelly with a very strong ko-uchi-gari. Kelly was visibly unsettled by the crowd and this affected her first contest. She was then matched against the junior champion, and this time Kelly was victorious with a breath taking Morote-geri halfway into the contest to secure gold in this section.

Archibald Mensah's contest against his opponent was a nail biting affair, but he rose to the occasion with an excellent double sleeved uchi-mata to end the contest in fine style after dominating most of the bout.

Petar Vlahovic was the last Moberly member to compete. He was drawn against a much heavier opponent but fought with great courage before being caught with a harai-goshi for ippon. His second contest saw a beautiful drop kata-garuma upend his opponent to secure the gold in this group.

The event marked a first of its kind for Moberly, and the atmosphere and the hospitality shown to the Moberly members was of a very high standard.

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