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11th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament, Aluksne, Latvia

11th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament, Aluksne, Latvia

One Moberly Judo Club member participated in the 11th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament in Aluksne, Latvia, this last weekend. This was the last National Ranking event of the year in Latvia, with participants from Belarus, England, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and several regions of Russia.

John Jayne entered in two age bands: the U17 (born in 1995-1996) and the U15 (born in 1997-1998) age bands. He won Gold in the U15 and Bronze in the U17. In the U17 he had 18 in his weight class; he has five fights losing 5 - 0 in the semi-final and winning the other four by ippon.

This is the fourth year that John has entered the  Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament. His results are
6th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament 2006:
Boys born in 1996 and younger
GOLD u32 kg
Boys born in 1994-1995-1996

7th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament 2007:
Boys born in 1995-1996-1997
GOLD -38 kg
Boys born in 1993-1994-1995
BRONZE -38 kg

8th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament 2008:
Boys born in 1996-1997-1998
GOLD -42 kg
Boys born in 1993-1994-1995
SILVER -46 kg

9th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament 2009:
Did not participate.

10th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament 2010:
Did not participate.

11th Ziemassvetku Judo Tournament 2011:
Boys born in 1997-1998
GOLD -73 kg
Boys born in 1995-1996
BRONZE -73 kg


U15 (born in 1997-1998)
GOLD -73 kg John Jayne

U17 (born in 1995-1996)
BRONZE -73 kg John Jayne

To view the full results and draw sheets for the Cadet Boys and U15 Boys -73 kg click here
Cadet Boys U17 2011
Boys U15 2011

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