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Harlow Red Belt Competition and South Coast Orange Belt and Below Competition

Moberly Judo Club was in action again last weekend at events in Harlow and Worthing.


21.01.06 Harlow Red Belt Championships, Harlow, Essex
SILVER -34 (less than 9 months at red belt) Lamar Joseph
SILVER -34 (more than 9 months at red belt) Petar Vlahovic

22.01.06 South Coast Mini Mon (9th mon and below) Championship, Worthing
GOLD -30 John Jayne
GOLD -34 Ross McCarthy
GOLD -38 Remone Alexander
GOLD -42 Kyle Clarke-Harewood
GOLD -50 Robert Atherton
SILVER -66 Renell Rutty
BRONZE -38 Tyrell Clark-Harewood
BRONZE -42 Kyle Tillock

Competing in the Harlow Novice to 3rd Mon championships were eight year old Petar Vlahovic and nine year old Lamar Joseph. Still in their first competitive year, they both set about their tasks with great enthusiasm. Lamar was first up put in a very battling performance scoring a koka mid-way through and managing to hold on to victory. In his next contest he was caught early with an o-uchi gari for a koka, and was unable to get back the score. However, this was enough to secure the silver. Petar put up equally battling performances and won his first contest scoring a yuko with an ippon seoi-nage. He then won his next contest pinning his opponent in golden score. In his third contest, Petar was penalised for leaving the contest area with seconds remaining on the clock giving victory to his opponent. Petar threw his final opponent with another shoulder throw for ippon, ensuring that Petar was also awarded silver. Well done to both boys.

On Sunday 12 boys headed to Worthing Leisure Centre to take part in the South Coast Mini Mon Championship. First up were John Jayne, 8, and Reece Morgan, 11, in the -30k category. John was in superb form and caught his first opponent with a kata guruma in golden score after a very tough encounter. His second was won by ippon seoi-nage followed by a hold down, and third with two scores with ippon seoi-nage on his way to the final. John made very short work of his final and turned his opponent and held him for Ippon, giving victory and gold to John. Reece had a very difficult first contest and eventually succumbed to a 7 point score. His next three contests were won with Reece's sheer determination throwing two and pinning the other. However, in his contest to win the bronze, Reece misjudged an attack and was held down meaning he would have to settle for a 5th place.

The under 34's saw Ross McCarthy, 9, win through to the final with his own unique shoulder throw, and excellent ne-waza. The final proved to be a very close encounter, but Ross's continued attacking display led his opponent to miss one too many attacks and was penalised in golden score, giving victory and Moberly's second gold to Ross. Petar and Lamar were also competing to gain further experience and both did themselves proud with typically battling performances. Petar had managed to win three contests in what proved to be a difficult group.

The under 38's saw Ramone Alexander and Tyrell Clark-Harewood in their first major event in the new category, both coming up from the u34's. Both were in typically devastating form. Tyrell won through to the semi final with his excellent ne-waza and dominating style. However he faced the A Band National Champion in a repeat of the semi from last year's A Band Nationals. In a very close contest Tyrell was again defeated, this time by referee's decision after no score in golden score. He made short work of his bronze medal contest catching his opponent with an o-soto-gari for ippon. Ramone won through to his semi final with his excellent array of pick up techniques. His semi final opponent succumbing to a kata guruma. The final was a repeat of the A Band Nationals, but this time Ramone was more focussed and exerted more control. The contest again went into golden score, and this time Ramone won the Gold as he caught his opponent with a 'drop sode', which scored koka and avenged his defeat from last year's A Band Nationals.

Kyle Clarke-Harewood, 11, and Kyle Tillock, 12, were Moberly's u42k competitors. Both had also recently moved up from the u38's. Tillock was first up and threw his first two opponents for Ippon with his well executed harai-goshi. He was a little unlucky in his semi-final contest as he was turned over and held down just when it seemed like victory would be his. His bronze medal contest provided the throw of the day, with another perfect Harai-Goshi for Ippon. Kyle C-H was in scintillating form and after a first round bye, won his second round contest with an uchi-mata, his semi-final with a seoi-nage. The final was a display of his excellent fighting style eventually winning the contest by a waza-ari, and taking the Gold.

Massia Tillock was competing in the -46k, and started very well with a superb harai-goshi for ippon. However his next contest went into golden score and Massia was given a penalty for passivity. In his next contest Massia was within seconds of victory having scored a yuko early on, but was caught by a seoi-nage for waza-ari. Massia will however benefit from this experience.

Robert Atherton had recently moved up to the -50's, and was making his debut in the category. Perhaps a little to complacent, Robert was defeated in his first contest by a decision after failing to score during normal time or golden score. However, with the Pool system in operation in this group, Robert's harai- goshi for ippon in his second contest ensured he would make the semi final. A more focused performance saw him ease through to the final where he met the same opponent from his first contest. There was to be no second defeat for Robert as he pinned his opponent early in the contest to wrap up Moberly's fifth gold medal of the day.

Finally, novice Renell Rutt, 14, still in his first competitive year was in remarkable form. Competing in the u66k category, he threw his first opponent with an excellent pick up for Ippon, the second opponent was caught with an O-Soto-Gari and his semi final opponent was despatched with a tani-otoshi for waza-ari. However in his final, Renell's inexperience showed as he was caught on the ground and pinned early on in the contest and had to settle for silver. But Renell and the rest of the Moberly stars were exceptionally please with his silver as he had come along just for a bit of experience.
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