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22nd Budapest Cup Open International Hungarian Championship,
Budapest, Hungary

22nd Budapest Cup Open International Hungarian Championship, Budapest, Hungary

The Moberly Judo Club had one participant in the 22nd Budapest Cup Open International Hungarian Championship. This was a qualifying event for the Hungarian National Team in the U15 and U17 age bands, and had 1,054 participants from 114 judo clubs from 12 countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain (one participant), Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine.

John Jayne won Gold in the U13 age band at -45 kg., winning all matches by ippon except the quarter final, which he won by a wazari and two yukos to nil. There were 34 participants in the draw.

John also won Bronze in the U15 age band at -45 kg. There were 38 participants in the draw. This was one of the toughest U15 competitions that John has entered. He lost in the third round to the other eventual Bronze medalist from the Ukraine. In the repechage he won the first three matches on flags (3 to nil in each case), and in the Bronze medal match he had to come back from two yukos down to win by first scoring a yuko, then a wazari and finally an ippon throw. This boy was successful the next day in winning the Bronze medal in the U17 age band. John did not enter in the U17 age band.


Boys U13
GOLD -45 kg John Jayne

Boys U15
BRONZE -45 kg John Jayne

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