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Elite Under 20 Performance Squad Trials at Walsall and the 12th Elva Open in Estonia

Moberly Judo Club were celebrating two individual successes last weekend, when two of its members took part in events in Estonia and Walsall.



14.01.06 Elite Under 20 Performance Squad Trials at Walsall
GOLD -48 Sinead Rothwell

15.01.06 12th ELVA Open in Estonia
SILVER -30 John Jayne

Sinead Rothwell was Moberly's sole representative at the 2006 Elite Performance Squad Trials at Walsall. This event determines which players will form the Junior Squad (under 20 years), and success can ultimately lead to selection for the Junior European and Junior World Championships later this year.

Sinead is the current u48k 'D' Band National Champion, a title she won in October last year.

Sinead began the day with two very quick victories in the first round of contests. In the second round of contests, Sinead's second round opponents were more difficult. The first was such a close contest, that it went into golden score. Sinead continued to attack her opponent, and eventually the judges penalised her opponent for not attacking enough and this gave victory to Sinead. Sinead's next opponent was eventually dispatched with a very neat pick up technique. Her final contest would decide if she would be placed first, second or third, as under the current system a loss of 5 points or more could result in her being placed third. However Sinead was in scintillating form and caught her opponent with a lightening fast shoulder throw within seconds of the start for Ippon to claim a memorable victory. Winning this event has put Sinead in with a chance of representing GB at this year's Junior European Championships in Estonia, and the Junior World Championships in the Dominican Republic.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, one of Moberly's youngest competitors, John Jayne, age 8, travelled to Estonia to take part in the 12th Elva Open. Competing in the -30k for those born in 1994 or later, John equipped himself well and won his first contest in four seconds with his own trademark shoulder throw. His second match was won in five seconds by catching the boys left ankle with his right hand and flipping him over while somersaulting over him. His next contest was won with John's amazing groundwork techniques (which included arm locks in this competition), and then John was facing one of Estonia's top youngsters in the final. In a very hard fought contest, John was eventually beaten by a 5 point score, but was very pleased with his silver medal.

Well done little John!!
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