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2014 BJA Age-Banded National Championships, EIS, Sheffield

2014 BJA Age-Banded National Championships, EIS, Sheffield

The A-Band Junior National Championships was held on 19 October at the Glades Arena, Kiddermister. The Pre-Cadets, Cadets and Juniors Championships were held at EIS in Sheffield in December.

A-Band Boys and Girls born in 2003-2005
GOLD -27 kg Omar Bougoffa
SILVER -38 kg Daniel Mensah

Cadet Boys and Girls Born in 1998-2000
BRONZE -63 kg Lucy King

Junior Boys and Girls Born in 1995-2000
GOLD -100 kg John Jayne

BJA British Junior National Championships

John Jayne won his tenth BJA National Championships. This is an all time British record. It is now:

Oct 2007 A-band Gold -34 kg
Oct 2008 A-band Gold -38 kg
Oct 2009 Pre-Cadet Gold -46 kg
Oct 2010 Pre-Cadet Gold -55 kg
Oct 2011 Cadet Gold -73 kg
Oct 2012 Cadet Gold -90 kg
Jan 2013 Cadet Gold -90 kg
Dec 2013 Cadet Gold +90 kg
Dec 2013 Junior Gold -100 kg
Dec 2014 Junior Gold -100 kg

To view the full results and draw sheets click here

British Judo Association A-Band National Championships, October 2014

British Judo Association Cadets/Pre-Cadets National Championships, December 2014

British Judo Association Junior National Championships, December 2014

Johnís 1st match

Johnís 2nd match

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