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28th International Judo Tournament "Groot Vlaardingen", The Netherlands

28th International Judo Tournament "Groot Vlaardingen", The Netherlands

The 28th International Judo Tournament "Groot Vlaardingen" was a large competition run over two days on six mat areas. It is one of the highest level competitions of the year for children in western Europe. Exactly 100 Dutch clubs were registered, along with clubs from Belgium, Germany and the UK. The Judo Associations from Turkey and Armenia sent teams. The tournament is designated by the Judo Bond Nederland (Dutch Judo Association) as an A-tournament. For the Dutch judokas, this status implies that the results achieved will serve as a selection point for participation in international championships.

John Jayne was the only competitor from Moberly. He entered in the age group born in 1994-1995-1996 at -38 kg. There were no restrictions on throwing techniques and both arm locks and strangles were allowed. John had nine matches, none of which were easy. There were 45 boys in his draw, divided into four pools. In the fourth round in his pool John had the German boy he lost to in the finals in the Antwerp Open. It went to flags and John lost 2 flags to 1. John then won the next match to finish 2nd in the pool. Then John won the next two matches in the knock out draw, before again faced the same German boy. This time John won by a yuko and a koka to nothing. In the next round John lost a controversial match. John first scored a koka, the referee then gave John a shido for passivity even though he was doing most of the attaching. Then John scored another koka. Finally, with seconds left John made a very good morote gari attach getting deep with his shoulder into the boys pelvis, but the boy twisted out. The referee gave John a dropping shido for this attach, giving the match to the Dutch boy.

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Boys born in 1996-1995-1994

THIRD PLACE -38 kg John Jayne

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